what parents means to you ??

Who is a parent !!

Someone who gives birth… Isn’t it !!

I believe parents are the not only person who gives us birth but they sacrifices all their life just to make their child’s life.

There are many instances that parents sacrifices their happiness , their comfort so that their child could get all that.

In India , previously, all the decisions of life were taken by the parents in fact what the child will wear till whom he will marry … All the decision were made by parents (in past)

But ,

Time changed , people changed , there living style changed and so parents changed .

And now what the situation is children have started living there own life.We as humans were called selfish beings since in past,but we weren’t so selfish that we could leave our parents at a point of life where they need us the most.But, what is happening in today’s scenario !! we all are so busy in our own life that we don’t to take our parents responsibility. we find them as a burden on our life.

Why I m telling you this all …πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

It’s because today is father’s day !!

Image result for happy fathers day 2017HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS 

But what about other 364 days of the year when your father works hard for you. Have you ever wondered that what all difficulties our parents faces while there child’s upbringing.There so many things we can’t even imagine what they face.

There are so many people in the world who don’t have parents since their birth with them or their parents left them, they are the people who knows the value of parents.I just wanna remind you guys that there are many different days and ways we can make our parents feel special. please start valuing them.make each and everyday special for your parents.

I conducted a small survey asking today’s generation that –


the answers I got are quoted below with the names.

NITIKA – said for her parents means to –

  •  life
  • soul mates
  • everything
  • motivation
  • confidence
  • love

KUSHI  – said for her parents means ” Only persons who can do anything to see you happy.” 

PAWNI – said for her parents means “ everything … My world πŸ’–β€

VARTIKA – said for her parents means “Without parents I m nothing 

Words are not sufficient to describe the importance of my parents for me.”


EXPRESSION_WRITER – said that for her parents means “Lifeline… Everything…I exist because of them … I owe them everything “

WRITERS FOR TODAY – said parents means to him” my life & my world. I m nothing without them.”

AARTI – said parents means to her – “Parents what mean to me can’t be expressed in words… but they are my life.. my world.. much more than everything to me β™₯”.

AVNI – said parents means to her -“My parents mean the world to me. even though I hate them at times,  i love them more than anything in my whole life.  They are the real definition of saints, they cope up with us even if we do things that are not acceptable to them. They love us despite of our mistakes.”

 SHREYA- said parents means to her -” My parents means world to me❀❀”

These were some of the answers i got when i asked people what parents means to them  ?? now i ask you guys the same question  that what parents means to you !! please comment down below .

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keep calm,stay tuned,live life to fullest .