forgive or forget

“You sing really well,” he said. It was the first thing that he said to me on our first meeting. He had come to my live concert and post the concert he came over to congratulate me on my success. He had a smile which could make all your problems vanish. He had a deep longing in his eyes. It seemed like his eyes hid a thousand secrets and I wanted to unveil each one of them at that moment. I smiled and said, “Thanks”. “So, you live in Mumbai?” he asked “Yes. You?” I questioned. He nodded and there was an awkward silence. Then he had to leave.

Could I call this love at first sight? I couldn’t stop thinking about him all night. I couldn’t even stalk him on social media. I didn’t know his name. Days passed by but the image of his smile never left me. A week later, I had another concert. Being a hopeless romantic that I am, I kept looking for him throughout the whole duration of the concert.


My concert ended and I was packing my things.”You sing really well” I heard his voice and I turned around surprised to see him again. My happiness knew no bounds. But, I smiled and said, β€œHow did you know I was performing here?” β€œForget about it” he squirmed. “Let’s get dinner?” he offered and the rest is history. So I went for dinner with a guy whose name I didn’t know. The dinner turned into many coffee dates and long phone calls and in no time we were seeing each other.

He was every bit charming and gentlemanly. In short, he was everything that I wanted. It was 3 months and we decided to tell our parents. Our parents liked us and soon an engagement date was set. It all happened too soon. I met a guy whom I liked and we dated and our parents too agreed. It was all too perfect.

3 months ago, I would have irked at the thought of marriage but now it all seemed to make sense. He made me happy, he chose to ignore my imperfections and he chose to see the good in me and so did I. My friends called him fat, old, etc. But none of that seemed to matter to me.

The day of our engagement arrived. I chose our clothes. I matched our costumes. The guest list was tiny which included only our closest family members. The engagement was underway. He put a ring on myΒ finger. Exactly the one I wanted. He surprised me with everything that he did. I felt like a princess. I felt blessed. I wished time would stop.

He took permission from my parents to take me out to a date post the engagement night. My parents agreed. He took me on a yacht and we celebrated our engagement night in the most beautiful way possible.

He kissed me for the first time that night and we slept together. We returned to our respective homes. Nothing seemed different after that night except for the fact that he could never take his eyes off me whenever we met. The preparations for the wedding were in full swing. We were randomly shopping for some stuff in a mall when he suddenly asked: “What if all this doesn’t happen?”

“I don’t get you,” I said. “I mean the marriage.” I was crestfallen. I didn’t know what to say. Tears were dripping down my face. “Okay I was kidding” he retorted. But it didn’t seem so. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said. He called but I didn’t speak much. It felt like everything came crumbling down. Then I called him and his reply broke me completely.

He said “I’m sorry we can’t be together. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time but I don’t think I deserve you. I’m sure you’ll find a better guy. Please forgive me if you can.”

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Should I forgive or forget?

Guys I wanted to know your point of view so kindly drop a comment,email,whatsapp or u guys can message us on our respective pages. But do reply your view point. I m waiting.

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french class love story (part 2)

Mudit told us that –


This was my first day in my french class. as i m an introvert and does not mix with other students easily icing on the cape was my shy nature. I was little hesitate and submissive while entering in the class.I greeted my class teacher and hurriedly headed to the vacant seat available in the last row.Probably my favorite seat in the class room.The teacher Ms.Brigenja just started to teach then the class room filled with pleasant aroma, first a girl asked for permission to enter the class and then politely apologized for being late in the class. she was escorted to the class by a smart person staff of college. To my utter surprise she settled in the last row beside me. I thought of doing ostrich act of  burying my head in the ground. she  asked what time is it . I immediately glanced at my old wrist watch and said half post ten, to that she smiled as my watch had stopped and was indicating time of half an hour ago.

I could not concentrate on, what teacher was teaching throughout the lecture. I don’t how know how time filed the one hour lecture passed in few minutes. when the lecture was finished , she said see you tomorrow,Bye.


I thought that french classes are going to be great.

 Tomorrow , I reached the french class one hour before scheduled time and thought fist of all I will ask her name. She also came half an hour before usual class timing as she was late yesterday. I got an opportunity to have little chat with her, I asked her name and address. The name was Mehak and address was in GK “the most posh colony in new Delhi”,whereas I was settled in small room in Mukherjee Nagar, (that was also shared by two horrible room mates).

I thought my friendship story is over , as there was a huge difference in our social status. Never-the-less , we continued our friendship further.



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Review on National MuseumΒ 


Image result for national museum. IN DELHI

General Information


10 am to 6 pm

The Adult Ticket costs

Rs. 20/-

Foreigners Ticket costs

Rs. 650/- (including Audio Guide).

For Students

Students upto class 12th have free entry ticket (with I-cards).

Visitors with Special Needs

The National Museum welcomes all visitors with special needs for whom visits can be organised with prior arrangement. Emails may be sent requesting assistance for visits at least 48hours before the proposed visit to

Wheel chairs which may be obtained at the reception on demand. It is encouraged that prior booking may be done for a comfortable and enjoyable visit. The museum is upgrading its facilities for better access and remains committed to all visitors who wish to visit.

Nearest Metro Station:  Central Secretariat and Udyog Bhawan

Bus Routes

National Museum Bus Stop:  505, 521, 522 ,526, 531, 580, 615. HoHo Bus (Delhi Tourism Service)

Nirman Bhawan Bus Stop:  047, 156, 181, 346, 408, 410, 430, 435, 440, 443, 456, 459, 470, 481, 490, 530, 580, 970, 973 and 984

Audio Tours

The Audio Tour of approximately 75 minutes covers masterpieces from the collection along with an introduction.
Available in: Hindi, English, German, French and Japanese.

The Museum is closed on Monday and Gazetted holidays. Please contact the Museum for more information

National museum is located in New Delhi. It’s an amazing place to visit specially for the once who loves to know the ancient India .

I recently visited it. These were some of the ancient jewellery​ which are very beautiful.

This jewellery shows us the love for jewellery in old times and you can see how nicely and beautiful the designs have been engraved on them. In nowadays we can’t find such beautiful design.

These are some of the pictures I clicked there and these are of some necklaces and earrings , nose-rings and etc.



Related image

Related image

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Image result for national museum. IN DELHIRelated image

if you are a delhitie or you are planning to visit i would highly recommend you to visit this place , it has much more things which i cant show you through this blog.

So do visit it and if you like such review blogs comment down below , I would love to do them.

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french class love story (part 1)

Delhi university offers language courses and they both went for french. Approx 85 colleges lies under Delhi university and they both choose for Ramjas college, infact each course offer different batches but they opt for the same batch.And what actually happened lets see ….

Mudit did civil engineering and wanted to opt for government jobs so was studying for it further and wanted to learn french. Mehak wasn’t like other girls , she was fashionable but in her own terms.she had her own fashion statement.she did her graduation from Bits(goa) and wanted to study french as her father had a business in France but they all    yet live here in India only but now her father wants that mehak should come and live in France , so she was asked to learn french.

This is the history , that why both of them opted for french. So in this story we are going to see that how these two fall for each other and what all difficulties they are gonna face.

Difficulties !! yea u read it right these two are going to face many difficulties because they come from different background and their families are completely different from as if they can never meet each other like north pole and south pole. but how this two will make these two poles meet is all about in this story.

Yes !! To know what happens next in story you have to wait . It will be continued . πŸ™‚

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what parents means to you ??

Who is a parent !!

Someone who gives birth… Isn’t it !!

I believe parents are the not only person who gives us birth but they sacrifices all their life just to make their child’s life.

There are many instances that parents sacrifices their happiness , their comfort so that their child could get all that.

In India , previously, all the decisions of life were taken by the parents in fact what the child will wear till whom he will marry … All the decision were made by parents (in past)

But ,

Time changed , people changed , there living style changed and so parents changed .

And now what the situation is children have started living there own life.We as humans were called selfish beings since in past,but we weren’t so selfish that we could leave our parents at a point of life where they need us the most.But, what is happening in today’s scenario !! we all are so busy in our own life that we don’t to take our parents responsibility. we find them as a burden on our life.

Why I m telling you this all …πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

It’s because today is father’s day !!

Image result for happy fathers day 2017HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS 

But what about other 364 days of the year when your father works hard for you. Have you ever wondered that what all difficulties our parents faces while there child’s upbringing.There so many things we can’t even imagine what they face.

There are so many people in the world who don’t have parents since their birth with them or their parents left them, they are the people who knows the value of parents.I just wanna remind you guys that there are many different days and ways we can make our parents feel special. please start valuing them.make each and everyday special for your parents.

I conducted a small survey asking today’s generation that –


the answers I got are quoted below with the names.

NITIKA – said for her parents means to –

  •  life
  • soul mates
  • everything
  • motivation
  • confidence
  • love

KUSHI  – said for her parents means ” Only persons who can do anything to see you happy.” 

PAWNI – said for her parents means “ everything … My world πŸ’–β€

VARTIKA – said for her parents means “Without parents I m nothing 

Words are not sufficient to describe the importance of my parents for me.”


EXPRESSION_WRITER – said that for her parents means “Lifeline… Everything…I exist because of them … I owe them everything “

WRITERS FOR TODAY – said parents means to him” my life & my world. I m nothing without them.”

AARTI – said parents means to her – “Parents what mean to me can’t be expressed in words… but they are my life.. my world.. much more than everything to me β™₯”.

AVNI – said parents means to her -“My parents mean the world to me. even though I hate them at times,  i love them more than anything in my whole life.  They are the real definition of saints, they cope up with us even if we do things that are not acceptable to them. They love us despite of our mistakes.”

 SHREYA- said parents means to her -” My parents means world to me❀❀”

These were some of the answers i got when i asked people what parents means to them  ?? now i ask you guys the same question  that what parents means to you !! please comment down below .

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keep calm,stay tuned,live life to fullest .


I don’t have a story , but I have love…

I don’t have happiness , but I have her picture…


This was his very first lines when he approached me … that can you please help me in describing my love for her.

Image result for crush in heart

this article is somewhat a short description or a story or what i say, I don’t know its just i am sharing the conversation with a follower , he has a crush on a girl and he is like … i just cant describe him… the way he loves his crush is “____” i don’t have words for his love…

So as i started knowing more about him and I asked certain questions to him so that i could frame a story out of it, I get to know that i was talking to a person who loves a girl without any conditions , without any expectations. Infact,that girl is not even aware that some guy is mad for her like this.

Image result for crush in heart

Then I asked him … that why he feels that she will reject him.. he should give it a try at once , may be she accept your proposal … so he said

“what i want is happiness,

what i want is peace ,

what i want is love,

i loved my beloved, but i don’t “want “her,

i wish her,i dream her,i worship her .

just after reading to such replies I always used to think what do I say !! Infact he didn’t shared his feelings to get them uploaded or for any publicity its just i felt like sharing his feelings will give an idea to all of u that what love is all about !!

after this all conversation,i asked him to describe her in his own words Β and you will be amazed to see that how beautifully he enhances her beauty. I was actually able to imagine her.i am going to quote exactly what he replied.

Long firm black curly-straight hairs,dark brown deep eyes which have a unique shine to them….similar to gold or platinum,the more you look at them they glare out an eye liner which is not end to end or to dark it’s just perfect and minimalistic. A fair transparent skin ,you can see her green nerves on her upper index finger , she still thinks Β is she is not perfect.She is a person who don’t really bother about small things you do for her.

she has a love for fashion as all girls do but the difference is she likes classic Indian clothes as much as western stuff,

Moreover,she always acts as a self centered person but actually likes a lot of attention, and sometimes she gets a bit down if someone is ignoring her.

see how easily he described her…

I am amazed to see that someone can love a person like this also, but good to see this “unconditional love”Do follow us on Instagram for updates

what further i will have conversation with him will be shared soon … if you want to ask any questions to “thiscrazylover” do leave us ….