french class love story (part 1)

Delhi university offers language courses and they both went for french. Approx 85 colleges lies under Delhi university and they both choose for Ramjas college, infact each course offer different batches but they opt for the same batch.And what actually happened lets see ….

Mudit did civil engineering and wanted to opt for government jobs so was studying for it further and wanted to learn french. Mehak wasn’t like other girls , she was fashionable but in her own terms.she had her own fashion statement.she did her graduation from Bits(goa) and wanted to study french as her father had a business in France but they all    yet live here in India only but now her father wants that mehak should come and live in France , so she was asked to learn french.

This is the history , that why both of them opted for french. So in this story we are going to see that how these two fall for each other and what all difficulties they are gonna face.

Difficulties !! yea u read it right these two are going to face many difficulties because they come from different background and their families are completely different from as if they can never meet each other like north pole and south pole. but how this two will make these two poles meet is all about in this story.

Yes !! To know what happens next in story you have to wait . It will be continued . 🙂

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