I don’t have a story , but I have love…

I don’t have happiness , but I have her picture…


This was his very first lines when he approached me … that can you please help me in describing my love for her.

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this article is somewhat a short description or a story or what i say, I don’t know its just i am sharing the conversation with a follower , he has a crush on a girl and he is like … i just cant describe him… the way he loves his crush is “____” i don’t have words for his love…

So as i started knowing more about him and I asked certain questions to him so that i could frame a story out of it, I get to know that i was talking to a person who loves a girl without any conditions , without any expectations. Infact,that girl is not even aware that some guy is mad for her like this.

Image result for crush in heart

Then I asked him … that why he feels that she will reject him.. he should give it a try at once , may be she accept your proposal … so he said

“what i want is happiness,

what i want is peace ,

what i want is love,

i loved my beloved, but i don’t “want “her,

i wish her,i dream her,i worship her .

just after reading to such replies I always used to think what do I say !! Infact he didn’t shared his feelings to get them uploaded or for any publicity its just i felt like sharing his feelings will give an idea to all of u that what love is all about !!

after this all conversation,i asked him to describe her in his own words Β and you will be amazed to see that how beautifully he enhances her beauty. I was actually able to imagine her.i am going to quote exactly what he replied.

Long firm black curly-straight hairs,dark brown deep eyes which have a unique shine to them….similar to gold or platinum,the more you look at them they glare out an eye liner which is not end to end or to dark it’s just perfect and minimalistic. A fair transparent skin ,you can see her green nerves on her upper index finger , she still thinks Β is she is not perfect.She is a person who don’t really bother about small things you do for her.

she has a love for fashion as all girls do but the difference is she likes classic Indian clothes as much as western stuff,

Moreover,she always acts as a self centered person but actually likes a lot of attention, and sometimes she gets a bit down if someone is ignoring her.

see how easily he described her…

I am amazed to see that someone can love a person like this also, but good to see this “unconditional love”Do follow us on Instagram for updates

what further i will have conversation with him will be shared soon … if you want to ask any questions to “thiscrazylover” do leave us ….




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